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About Us

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Our Story

Kerry Fisher Coaching was founded as a platform to teach you how to craft  the life of your dreams. 


To show you how to build a fantastic life. A life where you feel fulfilled, happy, balanced. Step by step, brick by brick, you build the foundation and your life begins to change. 


Sound impossible? We thought so too. We know what it's like to run through each day like it's a marathon. We were right where you are today. Overworked, tired, feeling like something was missing, wondering if this was all life had to offer. Thinking to ourselves, “Is this all that life is meant to be?”


And then, we took a leap of faith, we made small changes, they led to bigger changes. We stopped resisting life and started leaning in. And that’s when the magic happened. Our lives began to change,  started taking the shape we had envisioned. It worked! After lots of small changes, we have created wonderful lives, balanced lives. We have learned how to hack happiness. 

And we wanted to share this with others, something seemingly simple yet profoundly life changing. That all you have to do to change is to change one small thing. Just that one thing. 


That's why we created this share what we have learned. That change IS possible. That you CAN make it happen. We’ll show you how. The journey begins now.

About Kerry

Kerry has been fascinated by the way the human body and mind works since her earliest days as a competitive gymnast. The competitive gymnastics world was where Kerry first began to learn about peak performance, health and wellness. She has been studying it ever since.


When she became an attorney, she quickly noticed how difficult it was for people to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. She also saw the ill effects of years of working at a high stress, sedentary job. 


As an antidote to this stressful career, Kerry began a daily yoga practice and immediately noticed that it was the perfect complement to her hectic lifestyle. Initially interested in yoga as a physical practice that made her feel good in her body, Kerry soon realized yoga was a lot more than that. She decided to take a teacher training and immediately began teaching. Kerry's studies led her to dive deep into anatomy and neurophysiology. Fascinated with this world of mindset and performance, she eventually left her law career and currently coaches and teaches mindset principles full time. 

Kerry is an author and her book 12 Simple Tools for Extraordinary Living will be published in Fall of 2021. 


An eternal student, Kerry continues to study across a variety of disciplines including peak performance, mental training, yoga for athletes, meditation, anatomy, physiology, personal development. Kerry currently coaches athletes, corporate clients and private clients in peak performance, breathwork, meditation, yoga and mental training.  


As a mother of five, Kerry strives to live what she teaches. She works hard to have an extraordinary life and enjoys showing others that she can do the same. She loves inspiring and encouraging her clients to live to their fullest potential. To live the life of their dreams.

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