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Our Programs 

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'"The state or quality of having or producing clear definition." Together we will define, clarify and hone your vision.


"A mental attitude, inclination or state of mind." In unison we comprehensively review, reframe and rewire your outdated beliefs and strategies.

Peak Performance 


"Performing to the maximum of ability characterized by feelings of confidence, effortlessness and total concentration on the task." We create elite practices and habits to take your career, relationships and life to the highest possible level.

Kerry Fisher Coaching was founded as a platform to teach you how to craft  the life of your dreams. 


To show you how to build a fantastic life. A life where you feel fulfilled, happy, balanced. Step by step, brick by brick, you build the foundation and your life begins to change. 


Sound impossible? We thought so too. We know what it's like to run through each day like it's a marathon. We were right where you are today. Overworked, tired, feeling like something was missing, wondering if this was all life had to offer. Thinking to ourselves, “Is this all that life is meant to be?”


And then, we took a leap of faith, we made small changes, they led to bigger changes. We stopped resisting life and started leaning in. And that’s when the magic happened. Our lives began to change,  started taking the shape we had envisioned. It worked! After lots of small changes, we have created wonderful lives, balanced lives. We have learned how to hack happiness. 

And we wanted to share this with others, something seemingly simple yet profoundly life changing. That all you have to do to change is to change one small thing. Just that one thing. 


That's why we created this share what we have learned. That change IS possible. That you CAN make it happen. We’ll show you how. The journey begins now.

What Our

Clients Say

A true teacher and gateway to the world of inner peace and self awareness, Kerry is one of the most outgoing, knowledgeable and caring people. Her love for transformation is overwhelming and she very attentive. Her sessions and programs allow you to better connect with your body, mind & spirit. She inspires confidence and embodies competence. She is well respected and highly thought of by her clients. The journey to inner peace and tranquility is better achieved with the help and guidance a coach like Kerry. 

Ed Modica 

Head Athletic Trainer Saint Anthony’s, former Head Athletic Trainer for the New York Dragons, former Athletic trainer for the US Open 

Watch Us Go

Our mission is to teach people how to create the life of their dreams. 

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